The EDGE solution, developed by DVI is a complete grid optimization approach for managing system voltage; delivering energy savings to customers through conservation voltage reduction; reducing peak demand; minimizing system losses and supporting increased penetration of distributed renewable resources.

Let EDGE unlock the genius inside your grid.

Take control of your energy efficiency & demand reduction. Generate maximum savings with minimal effort. EDGE is a grid-side efficiency program that automatically delivers substantial, sustainable, and measurable energy savings.

Dominion Voltage Inc. (DVI) is ready to take on grid-optimization projects of any size. With the longest running smart grid-enabled optimization deployment, we have proven ourselves as an industry leader. Our solutions are built with utilities in mind, automating your grid, and leaving you in control. DVI understands that without efficient business processes to go along with it, software has little value to your organization. Our approach is to provide a complete grid-optimization program along with the tools you need to get the job done.
EDGE (Energy Distribution & Grid Efficiency) has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing AMI and SCADA environments, allowing you to advance your current way of doing business without disrupting existing processes or systems. Our solutions are designed to deliver immediate value while implementing a continuous improvement process within your organization.
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