EDGE Analytics dashboard provides stakeholders with visibility into cost savings, energy savings, and carbon savings obtained through grid optimization. High level views and detailed reports deliver insight for sustaining or improving performance. EDGE Analytics provides a holistic view into the combined performance of the EDGE suite of products to ensure that business objectives are being achieved.

System savings can be viewed in one slide.

Performance Details

Performance at the circuit or grid level is provided in a high level dashboard format giving decision makers actionable information. Savings and environmental impact factors are detailed in monetary amounts, percentages, and carbon reductions.

Ability to view details at circuit level.

Drill-Down Capabilities

Operators can drill-down into the operational performance of voltage optimization allowing for increased situational awareness and sustainable system benefits.

Adaptable voltage tracking identifies areas for improvement.

Voltage Tracking

System voltage levels are provided for the current status or by monthly totals. Tracking voltage on a cumulative basis provides diagnostics for continuous improvement.