DVI Partners with OMNETRIC Group

DVI Partners with OMNETRIC Group to Deliver Advanced Voltage Optimization and Enable Utilities to Better Control the Electric Grid


— Advanced voltage optimization can enable improved planning and management of grid operations, resulting in significant savings to utilities through cost avoidance and energy efficiency

— DVI formalizes partnering agreement with OMNETRIC Group to work with utilities across North America to deliver the benefits of advanced voltage optimization


RICHMOND, Va. and MINNETONKA, Minn., Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Building on its experience with smart grid applications, OMNETRIC Group, the Siemens and Accenture joint venture dedicated to the development and delivery of integrated smart grid solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with DVI, the Virginia-based smart grid analytics and control software subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE: D).


Together, the two companies will expand the deployment and integration of DVI’s EDGE® voltage optimization and Volt/VAR optimization solution, helping utilities to measure customer voltages using advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and other sensor networks to make real-time control decisions.


“DVI is thrilled about this new collaboration and the opportunity to work closely with OMNETRIC Group to expand our reach across the grid optimization market,” said Todd Headlee, executive director of DVI. “By deploying EDGE® through the industry-leading information technology and operational expertise of OMNETRIC Group, we are able to expand the platform to utilities on a much greater scale. In addition to managing voltage via EDGE® for reliability, energy efficiency and demand reduction, this strategic partnership also lays the foundation for integrating distributed generation, helping to manage the growing complexity of these energy resources on the grid. For example, together we are helping utilities integrate solar and electric vehicles to keep pace with demand.”


To see how these combined technologies work to compensate for the demands of distributed generation on the grid, watch DVI’s video: https://youtu.be/tGK-atEjIO4.


“DVI and OMNETRIC Group share a common vision around an electric grid where intelligence is distributed,” said Wade Malcolm, CEO of OMNETRIC Group for North America. “The EDGE® platform demonstrates distributed intelligence in action. Leveraging its open architecture, OMNETRIC Group can help utilities implement DVI’s EDGE solution and take control closer to the grid edge. With greater visibility of what is happening, the solution can enable improved performance of the devices they are managing— potentially running the device closer to its operational limit— and respond faster to changing conditions.”


About OMNETRIC Group


OMNETRIC Group is dedicated to the global delivery of integrated information technology and operational technology solutions and services, helping utility companies to achieve greater grid reliability and efficiency. OMNETRIC Group is a joint venture between Siemens AG and Accenture. Combining Siemens’ leading energy technology product portfolio with Accenture’s systems integration, consulting and managed services capabilities, OMNETRIC Group can support clients with innovative solutions wherever they may be on their path to a smarter grid. For more information, visit www.omnetricgroup.com.


About DVI


DVI is a leading provider of grid analytics and control technology, providing solutions for energy efficiency, demand response, volt/VAR control, system reliability and distributed generation stability. DVI’s patented approach plans, manages and validates utilities’ investments in grid optimization programs while delivering significant value to both utilities and their customers (U.S. patents 8437883 and 8577510, and other U.S. and foreign patents pending). For more information about DVI, visit www.dvigridsolutions.com.