DVI Selected By City of Naperville, Ill., For Full Deployment Of EDGE® Grid Optimization Platform

RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 12, 2013  — DVI, a Dominion (NYSE: D) company that offers technology to utilities to plan, manage and validate grid efficiency, has been selected by the City of Naperville, Ill., to provide advanced applications through adoption of the EDGE® software suite. EDGE® will be used in conjunction with the existing Elster’s EnergyAxis® AMI deployment to provide Naperville with advanced Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), Planning, and Measurement and Verification (M&V) capabilities.

EDGE® is a modular and adaptive conservation voltage management solution that enables utilities to deploy incremental grid-side energy management without requiring behavioral changes or purchases by end-use consumers. EDGE® provides significant and sustainable energy savings of as much as 4 percent through integrated planning, execution and validation of grid-side energy efficiency management.

“The City of Naperville is a recognized leader in using technology to better serve its community and has consistently sought out ways to improve both operational and grid efficiencies,” said DVI Executive Director Todd Headlee.  “Working with Elster, DVI’s EDGE® product will optimize the voltage delivered to the Naperville consumers to effectively reduce the amount of electricity they need to purchase with no behavioral changes or lifestyle impacts.  The savings will be confirmed by the EDGE® Validator product by measuring and tracking savings for each circuit, independent of the optimization process. It replaces the traditional ‘on-off’ methods to allow savings to continue during verification,” Headlee said.

“The City of Naperville is committed to modernizing our utility delivery infrastructure to provide customers with innovative new services and options for lowering energy consumption,” said Linda LaCloche, City of Naperville communications manager. “DVI’s patented approach of using Elster’s AMI voltage data for grid efficiency, combined with an industry-proven way to measure and validate the savings being realized by our community, helped make this project a logical next step in our Smart Grid implementation,” LaCloche said.

“We are delighted to partner with DVI to enable the City of Naperville to deliver to their community a proven way to increase energy efficiency by optimizing the voltage delivered to each customer,” said Pat Corrigan, vice president of public utilities, Elster Solutions. “EnergyAxis® comes pre-integrated with EDGE®, making the DVI solution seamless for Naperville and the rest of our customer base,” Corrigan added.

The implementation of the EDGE® product at Naperville will begin in the third quarter of 2013 and is expected to be complete in 2014.