Whether you are interested in energy efficiency or demand response, our energy distribution and grid-efficiency solutions allows you to take your savings to the next level by layering on the latest in Volt/VAR technology, flattening the voltage profile, and driving down energy usage. Our Volt/VAR solution allows you to optimize the use of your down-line control equipment while eliminating the complexity of traditional Volt/VAR methods.

Increases Available Savings

By flattening the customer voltage profile along the circuit, EDGE creates additional headroom for voltage optimization. The combination of EDGE voltage optimization and Volt/VAR optimization increases savings as well as improves reliability.

Optimizes Power Factor at the Customer Level

Unlike other Volt/VAR approaches, EDGE optimizes power factor using customer level voltage data. This increased visibility in the customer allows EDGE to make informed, intelligent decisions that results in increased available savings.

Makes the Business Case for Distribution Automation

The savings generated by EDGE can help make the justification for investments in down-line voltage regulators and capacitor banks. These investments can be made circuit by circuit, year after year, with EDGE helping built your investment portfolio.