If you are trying to meet energy efficiency goals or offset the development of new base load generating facilities, our energy efficiency and grid-optimization solution provides up to 4% energy savings to all customers without the need for costly engagement programs and customer purchases. Leveraging the latest in smart metering, our conservation voltage reduction solutions monitors voltages down to the customer level, responding dynamically to customer demands.

Makes the Business Case For AMI

Reducing energy costs makes the business case for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. EDGE uses customer voltage information to safely reduce energy usage by as much as 4% annually.

Helps Meet Energy Efficiency Goals

Roughly 95% of the savings generated by CVR are in the customer’s home. This makes EDGE one of the most cost effective, customer focused, nondiscriminatory energy efficiency programs in the market, delivering savings you can rely upon year after year.

Helps Reduce Emissions

When run 24/7 the energy savings from EDGE reduces base load generation needs targeting coal-fired generation and offsetting carbon emissions.