If you are trying to avoid costly peak demand charges or the development of new peaking facilities, our energy distribution and grid-efficiency solutions can shave customer peak by as much as 4% without the use of in-home control devices and opt-in/opt-out programs. Using the latest in smart metering, our demand voltage response solution allows you to dial in your demand savings while maintaining service reliability.

Safely Reduces System Peak

Reducing peak demand is a way to save both the utility and the customer money. The real-time visibility of customer voltages provided by EDGE allows you to maximize your savings without pushing risk to your customers.

Provides Spinning Reserve

Voltage Reduction can be used to reduce capacity constraints during extreme peak conditions. EDGE can be used to alleviate capacity issues during curtailment events while providing day to day visibility into circuit performance.

Compliments Existing Load Control Programs

EDGE responds to changes in customer voltages due to direct load control programs. The customer focused approach of EDGE allows you to combine your Voltage Optimization and Direct Load Control programs, meaning more savings for you and your customers.