EDGE is a flexible solution that adapts not only to your grid but also to your business case. EDGE can deliver Energy, Demand, Volt/VAR savings, or a combination of the three, allowing you to dial-in your business case circuit by circuit, season by season.

Energy Efficiency CVR

When running EDGE 24/7 as an energy conservation program, significant savings (up to 4%) can be realized in comparison to other methods because EDGE is monitoring the voltages at all critical metering points.

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Demand Voltage Reduction

When demand savings are the focus, EDGE can be turned on just prior to the peak to reduce peak demand charges while at the same time ensuring reliable service.

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Volt/VAR Optimization

If the business case calls for VAR management, EDGE will flatten the voltage profile of each circuit and improve power factor while at the same time increasing the opportunity for additional demand and energy savings.

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Grid Stabilization

DVI’s EDGE software provides grid stabilization and voltage management for areas with large amounts of distributed generation and highly variable loads such as electric vehicles.