EDGE Manager listens and adapts to the grid using real-time AMI voltage reads and voltage alarms. This patented approach delivers precision voltage control without the need to maintain a detailed circuit model. Integration to the AMI system means that premise-level voltages and optimization recommendations are delivered from the customer’s home to the master SCADA system seamlessly, allowing for precise Volt/VAR optimization for greater savings. EDGE Manager gives the operators the information needed to optimize the grid without duplicating or replacing current control systems.

Circuit data is rolled up, giving a system wide view.

System-Wide Visibility

A single summary provides a view to all control “nodes,” indicating their status and current activity. A menu allows the operator to drill down to multiple aspects of each node as desired.

Quickly analyze circuit performance.

Substation and Customer Monitoring

Substation set points and voltage can be viewed alongside premise-level voltages to provide a direct view of circuit performance. The substation chart shows the EDGE-recommended LTC set point along with the actual bus voltage. The customer chart shows the lowest-voltage meter within the bellwether meters, along with a “low average” that represents multiple low-voltage meters on the circuit, while smoothing the variation that can occur for a single customer.

Identify customer voltage issues that are holding back savings.

Map-Based Integration

A geographical representation of premise voltages displays problem areas in real time. Color coding is used to identify voltage levels and how they compare to the circuit overall.